Become a Volunteer

Through shared leadership, our volunteers are an extension of our organization, promoting a collaborative model of humane communities. Our volunteers are ambassadors, helping us build positive momentum for social change. Through volunteerism, we create mutually respectful relationships and together we make a difference.

Make a difference in the lives of people and animals

We offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities to engage and inspire you. Not only will you be a positive influence in your community, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn new skills and develop lasting connections.

Our volunteers work in our facilities, assisting with dog walking, administration and basic animal care. Moreover, volunteers can also help with fundraising, advocacy, education, administrative support, special events, volunteer coordination, fostering and so much more.


Eligibility to Volunteer

Age requirements
You must be at least 14 years old to volunteer at the Asista Foundation and 16 years old to volunteer with the animals. 

If you are younger than the required ages stated above, but would still like to volunteer, you may consider submitting an application to the Volunteer Bureau of the Asista Foundation as some exceptions may apply.

Experience requirements
Experience caring for or working with animals is mandatory. This can include experience as a having your own dog at home, baby sitting a dog, etc.

Language requirements
We require our volunteers to have a basic knowledge of French and English, which helps ensure the safety of our  population of people we serve.

Time commitment
Prospective volunteers must be ready to commit volunteer time in a stable manner.

Volunteer Application

At the Asista Foundation we regularly need new volunteers for the following occupations: Animal Washers, Administrative Clerks , Animal attendants and Help desk support staff. Click the link below to download the application. Once the application is completed, please send the application to or by mail to 4530 Autoroute 440 Laval Qc, H7T 2P7 ATTN: Asista Volunteer.

The application process

Step 1: Consulting the foundation for our current needs

If you see an opportunity on social media that looks like a great fit, you can fill out a volunteer application form and we will be in touch with you within a couple of weeks to invite you to an intake session or interview.

Step 2: Interview

Candidates will be invited to attend the information session and/or an interview. Please take note that all volunteer opportunities take place at our headquarters in Laval.

Step 3: Attend Training

Once the candidate has successfully qualified, they will then be invited to take part in an on-site training depending no the department they will be volunteering in.

Step 4: Start Volunteering

Start volunteering! Don’t worry you are not alone, your first shift you will be trained by a staff member!