We’re thrilled to welcome Nick Suzuki as part of the Asista family. Through his professional experience, he has been able to witness the various challenges of people affected by a mental health condition. The young hockey player and animal lover is confident that his participation will raise awareness, promote the cause to the public and have a meaningful impact in the community.

The “A Hero Within All of Us” campaign highlights the influence and power we all have in positively changing lives through actions and support.

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We're always looking for motivated and talented volunteers. Our volunteers work both from a distance and in our facilities. Tasks include assisting with dog walking, administration and basic animal care. Moreover, volunteers can also help with fundraising, advocacy, education, administrative support, special events, volunteer coordination, fostering and so much more.


An average service dog costs approximately $35,000 depending on the training the service dog will undergo. No donation is too little. A 20$ donation will help provide a service dog with a proper collar and leash. A 50$ donation will help provide a comfortable bed. A 800$ donation will help us procure a potential service dog for our program.


Fostering an animal means you take a service dog in training into your home and care for them for us. While they’re in your home, we provide you with food and medical care until the pet is available for the training module. Foster families help our service dogs with socialization and love. All our dogs are large breeds ranging from the classic labrador to golden retriever to Bernese mountain dogs.

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the impact OF OUR CAMPAIGN

Like many worthy organizations, we’re faced with a large demand and little resources. We want to be able to help out as much as we can and with your help we can. 

The Asista Foundation is not funded by government programs and relies solely on the generosity of its partners to help out as many people as we can.

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Vet et Nous is a veterinary group that groups more than 24 veterinary hospitals, 2 emergency and referral centres 24/7 and 1 open 7/7. 

A large team composed of almost 1300 professionals caring for furry or feathered companion regardless their individual needs.

Privately owned and operated by the Dilawri family since 1985, the company continues to expand its footprint in Canada, building on its history of excellence in the automotive industry.

With more than 3,000 employees, Dilawri Group of Companies is proud to offer exceptional products and customer service in every dealership.


Since its founding, Hagen, Nutrience’s mother company, has made it its mission to produce the highest quality food on the market. Nutrience formulas are made with locally sourced ingredients that are humanely raised and sustainably harvested.

All of Asista’s dogs are proudly fed Nutrience and has been a proud partner since the beginning.

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is the average cost of a service dog. Why?

There’s a lot of time, energy and resources behind the success of each service dog. Each service dog on average goes through 2500 hours of training over a span of 2 years.