Become a foster family


Fostering an animal means you take a service dog in training into your home and care for them for us. While they’re in your home, we provide you with food and medical care until the pet is available for the training module. Foster families help our service dogs with socialization and love. All our dogs are large breeds ranging from the classic labrador to golden retriever to Bernese mountain dogs. While fostering is temporary, many foster families do it knowing they are helping a stranger in need. Think your a good fit? Download the application below

Criteria for becoming a foster family

  • Length of commitment from a couple of months to two years;
  • Ability to not leave the service dog no more than 4 hours a day;
  • Daily monitoring of the animal as needed;
  • Ability to accommodate time for training sessions and medical care as needed.
  • Ability to travel to Laval.

What we provide

Access Letters

The foundation will provide you with access letters for the public. We require you leave the dog alone for no more than 4 hours a day.

All Veterinary Care

All pre-approved veterinary care will be covered at the Centre Veterinaire Laval

Food and accessories for the dog

All food and accessories such as a cage, a leash and bowls will be covered by the foundation.