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Why donate?

Your donation helps provide specially trained service dogs at no cost to Canadians with a medical disability. Asista's Service Dogs bring increased safety, independence, and mobility to people from across the country for a better integration into our society.

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the average cost of a service dog. Why?

Adoption Fees

Adoption fees range from $500 to $1500. The cost usually will depend on a variety of different factors such as medical conditions, age, outstanding veterinary bills, situation etc.


Equipment from a vest, to a leash to a collar are all items that are extensively used throughout the training and work of a service dog.

Insurance (Veterinary Care)

The care of our dogs is at the heart of our priorities. Every one of our service dogs is insured with a medical veterinary insurance covering 90% of costs. Each policy ranges anywhere from $120 to $190 per month.

Training costs

The average cost of training varies from one professional to another. On average, any private training session will cost anywhere between $60 to $120 per hour. A service dog requires several hundreds of hours to be ready to fulfill their role.

Food and husbandry

The annual cost of a good quality diet for a large breed is about $140.00 monthly. Like many things, the cost of supplies and living are on the rise year after year.

Emergency Fund

We never know what can happen from a minor injury to a serious disease. The Asista Foundation puts aside an emergency fund for every single one of its dogs.

Where your donation will be used:

An average service dog costs approximately $35,000 depending on the training the service dog will undergo. No donation is too little. A 20$ donation will help provide a service dog with a proper collar and leash. A 50$ donation will help provide a comfortable bed. A 800$ donation will help us procure a potential service dog for our program.