About Us

A dedicated team helping the most vulnerable of our society.

For more than 20 years, dogs have been providing social and emotional support. They help by making people feel relaxed, happy and secure. Pet therapy has been known to reduce cardiovascular stress. In addition, it creates a optimal healing environment that promotes harmony of mind, body and spirit. ASISTA’s team has been devoting its energy and time since 2011 to specifically make a difference in the autism, PTSD and the psychological community needs.

The Asista Foundation is a young foundation located in a state of the art facility at the Centre Vétérinaire Laval that offers emergency 24H specialized services for companion animals.


Asista’s governing board is made up of multiple administrators ranging from a variety of backgrounds who meet regularly to discuss policy, emerging issues and the implementation of new services and or ideas.

The Asista Foundation was founded by it’s two founders John Agionicolaitis and Solange Barbara. Both dedicated and successful philanthropists, they saw a need for mental health service dog teams which led them to the creation of the foundation. Both animal lovers, they founded the foundation in 2012. To date, the foundation has placed 30 service dog teams.

The success of the foundation is amongst the countless hours put in by our volunteer team and employees.


Solange Barbara

Director General

John Agionicolaitis

Director of Public Affairs & Spokesperson

Stéphane Campagna

Director, Canine Behaviour & Training

Sophie-Rose Trahan Perreault

Advisor, Communications & Philanthropy

Pamela Agionicolaitis

Special Assistant

Natacha Léveillé

Special Assistant

Dre Dominique Plante

Director, Veterinary Services

Dre Emmanuelle Martin

Emergency & General Medicine

Dre Élaine Madore

Orthopedic & Specialty Surgery

Dre Maude Touret

Oncology & Specialty Medicine

Amber Séguin

Animal Health Technician, Special Assistant

Sarah Pilotte

Animal Health Technician, Special Assistant