Facility Service Dog Program

What is the Facility Service Dog program?

A trained Facility Dog works with a specialized handler in their chosen field, building on canine – human partnerships. The Facility Dog has a set of skills and tasks aiding in intervention for their chosen professional practice. The work of a Facility Dog can include visitations or professional therapy in one or more locations such as Paramedic Teams, Police Teams, Courtrooms, Hopitals, Medical Clinics. The canine-human bond can lead to the most rewarding and liberating experiences, while providing a variety of other benefits to the facility and their clients involved.

Eligibility Criteria for the Facility Dog Program

  • The organization must be able to designate a person to be responsible for the dog and an alternate who works directly with a vulnerable clientele;
  • The handler selected to house the dog must have adequate space for the dog and be able to provide guardianship long-term;
  • The organization must demonstrate a need for the program;
  • The people working with the dog must be patient and willing to work with the dog;
  • The selected handlers, in collaboration with the organization, must be able to provide for the physical needs of a Facility Service Dog, such as exercise;
  • The handler chosen to house the dog must have a fenced yard and or safe outdoor environment for the dog to be off-leash;
  • The organization must be able to afford veterinary medical insurance, training costs for the staff and dog, and maintenance costs for the program for a period of 5 years;
  • Certain staff members must be available to participate in a six-module training course over several weeks.

Applying for a Facility Dog for your organization

The application process is rigorous. If you feel you that your organization is the right fit for our program, we do invite you to apply. If you would like to know the application process, please consult our programs page located on the menu.