Facility Service Dog Program

What is the Facility Service Dog program?

A trained Facility Dog works with a specialized handler in their chosen field, building on canine – human partnerships. The Facility Dog has a set of skills and tasks aiding in intervention for their chosen professional practice. The work of a Facility Dog can include visitations or professional therapy in one or more locations such as Paramedic Teams, Police Teams, Courtrooms, Hopitals, Medical Clinics. The canine-human bond can lead to the most rewarding and liberating experiences, while providing a variety of other benefits to the facility and their clients involved.

Eligibility Criteria for the Facility Dog Program

  • Must be capable of housing the facility dog with an adequate living space.
  • Have a valid need in your organisation.
  • The handler must have an interest in dogs.
  • Must be capable of providing the physical needs of a facility dog such as exercise.
  • Must have a fenced yard.
  • Must not have any other dogs at home.

Applying for a Facility Dog for your organization

The application process is rigorous. If you feel you are a good candidate for our program, we do invite you to apply. If you would like to know the application process, please consult our programs page located on the menu.