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About Nutrience

Nutrience took its name from the word ‘science’ and the word ‘nutrient’ from the latin word ‘nutriens’ meaning to nourish or feed. These guiding principles have led Nutrience to providing dogs and cats with complete and balanced diets for over 30 years. Proper nourishment has been at the core of Nutrience’s philosophy and continues to fuel its innovation. All Nutrience formulas meet the nutritional standards set by AAFCO with ingredients that are humanely raised and sustainably harvested. Here at Nutrience, we believe that a healthy lifestyle begins in the bowl.

Our most valued partner since 2011.

Together, Stronger is a good way to describe our partnership. With over 89 service dogs currently in service, we couldn’t have done it alone.

When the Asista foundation was officially registered in April 2012, the Rolf C. Hagen Inc. team got involved and became the first official sponsor of Asista. 

The demand for our services are growing exponentially. We work tirelessly with our partners like Nutrience, to meet the needs of our dogs and demand for people requiring a service dog. We are very proud to work closely with the Nutrience team!

why do we feed our dogs Nutrience?

We know exactly where our dogs are getting their nutrients from. Locally sourced ingredients, a tight quality control, we needed a reliable brand to feed our service dogs to get the job done. Every dog is unique and every dog has their preferences. With a wide selection of grain-free, grain-inclusive, chicken-free, fish-based, high-protein and targeted health solution foods; we’re able to satisfy all our dogs needs.